Oily Palette is the website of Essex based artist Eve Brinkley-Whittington.  A landscape painter who enjoys not only exploring what the notion of a contemporary landscape is but also experimenting with the possibilities of the materials.  The landscape around us affects us in many ways , representing it shows us something of who we are.

My work ranges from large canvases to smaller pieces and prints. Each piece reflects my passion for the exploration of the medium of paint and so incorporates different processes.

You can follow my blog, "Becoming an Artist...does anyone have a handbook?!" at http://www.evebrinkwhitt.blogspot.co.uk  You can also visit my page on my studios website, http://cuckoofarmstudios.org.uk/eve-whittington/ .  Or follow me on Twitter @eve_whittington   

**Several pieces of my work recently appeared during "Art Takes Time Square" where it was shown at the event launch and VIP party on Broadway, NY.  It now features in a book being published covering the event.**